Surprisingly Simple Ways of Getting Rid of a Saggy and Flabby Butt

Women all over the world wish that they had a butt that’s perfectly shaped, toned and curvy. While many women opt for surgical procedures, it’s not a convenient option for a majority of the women.

Just because you don’t want to take the risk or can’t afford the cost of the surgeries doesn’t mean you have to get stuck with a saggy and flabby butt all your life.

There are a number of natural ways in which you can get rid of your saggy butt and give it a lift. Of course, these ways will not transform your butt instantly. You’ll need to work hard for it and be focused to achieve your goals, even if it means it’ll take you a lot of time, determination and dedication.

Exercises and a Healthy Diet

The first thing that you need to focus on is exercising, and the second thing that you need to do is watch what you eat. Doing both of these sound quite simple; however, it does require a lot of work. Either stopping exercises or your diet mid-way will not help. You need to ensure that both are being done together for best results.

Many women make the mistake of only exercising or only following a healthy diet. At the end of it, they realize that it hasn’t helped much. So, doing both together is extremely important.

Let’s take a look at a few exercises

While popular with men, weight training programs have also had effective results in women. You’ll need to ensure that you have a minimum of three to four training sessions in a week, and each session needs to last for a minimum of 45 minutes. This will ensure that your butt will go from flab to fab in a few months.

Barbell Squats

While squatting, use a barbell. If you’ve never used a barbell before, then you can start off with an empty bar first. Once you get used to doing squats with a barbell, you can start adding weights. For most women, one or two attempts are all it takes to practice on an empty barbell. When you choose weight, make sure you take appropriate ones that will let you complete at least three sets of eight to 10 reps.

This exercise will help in tightening and lifting your glutes. Glutes are the muscles that are round. They are the ones that give the butt its shape. Squats are often called King of Exercises, simply because it exercises your quadriceps, glutes, abductors, adductors and hamstrings. Additionally, it also makes use of your lower back and abdominal muscles in order to stabilize movement. So, basically, almost all your main muscles get exercised.


Lunges are very effective as it concentrates on one leg at a time and also needs a lot of balance throughout the exercise. Lunges are quite simple and involve you standing with feet apart. The distance between the feet needs to be at hip width. Then starting with either your left or right leg, you actually lunge forward and place your foot straight ahead of you as far as possible and lower yourself to the ground steadily.

In this exercise, you need to keep in mind that your thigh will be parallel to the ground, and your knee can’t go beyond your toes as you go down. Your entire foot needs to touch the ground and not only your toes or heel.

You can use barbell or dumbbells with lunges as well. The best lunges are stationary or walking lunges. They are the simplest, yet the most beneficial for lifting your saggy butt. Just like squats, you need to put weights that will let you do three sets of eight to 10 reps.

Wood Chops

This exercise needs you to get hold of an eight to 10 pound object. It could be a dumbbell or a medicine ball. Now, hold the object with both hands and stand straight up with your feet apart at shoulder-width. Next, let the object hang naturally in front of your thighs in the middle. After this, squat down in such a way that your knees are as close to 90 degrees as possible. Next, keep your arms straight, brace your upper abs and press up slowly with the legs while you swing the object up until it is directly over your head. Now, the last part requires you to lower the object back towards the ground.

Squat Jumps

If you’ve never exercised before or are doing squats for the very first time, then this may be a little advanced for you. But, once you start doing squats, then you’ll most likely be able to do this exercise as well.

This exercise requires you to stand straight up and your feet need to be apart at shoulder-width. Interlock your fingers and place your hands behind your head, press your head in to your hands. Make sure your elbows are spread out. Now, squat down until your knees bend at a 90 degree angle and your thighs are parallel to the ground. Next, you need to press your heels on the ground and jump up as high you can, maintaining the same position of your hands behind your head. Land gently on the ground and bend your knees a bit to absorb the initial jolt. As you land on the ground, you need to go back into the squat position. Do three sets of eight to 10 reps.

Eat Right

In addition to doing the right exercises, you need to be eating right as well. For starters you need to have plenty of water. This is one of the most important components of any diet. To measure the ounces of water that you need to be drinking every day, all you need to do is weigh yourself and divide your weight by two. So, if you weigh about 140 pounds, you’ll need to drink at least 70 ounces of water daily.

Cut down on carbs. You can do this by reducing the proportion of sugar, white pasta, baked goods, potatoes, and white bread for instance. But, remember not to completely do away with carbs, you only need to reduce the intake. That’s all!

Simple Ways to Tone your Butt

Many women resort to butt implants, butt injections and other butt augmentation procedures for a curvaceous and voluptuous derriere. Not only are they very painful, but they also cost a lot of money. On top of that, the recovery time is not short and can take up to several months for some women.

Risk is another factor that needs to be considered here because if the implants are not placed properly or get infected, then the entire procedure will need to be done again. Even with all of this, there’s absolutely no guarantee that your butt will be exactly the way you want it to be.

The good news is that women looking to obtain a curvy and shapely butt don’t have to go the surgery way. There are other natural ways that can be followed. The simplest ways are following a healthy diet along with exercising in order to tone your butt. There is a couple of popular exercises that can be done at home or in the gym.

Hip Lifts

This exercise needs you to lie on your back and hands at your side. Your knees need to be bent at a 45 degree angle such that your feet are on the floor. Now, you need to keep your feet firmly on the ground and lift up your hips slowly. Lift them until they are in line with your torso and legs. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then bring your hips down again towards the ground.

There’s an advanced version of the hip lift as well. This version requires you to extend your leg out while you’re in the hip lift position. So, essentially, until the hip lift, it’ll remain the same. But, when your hips are in the air, you need to extend your one of your legs out. Hold this position for ten seconds. Then, you need to bring your leg down, on the side of your other leg, before you lower your hips.

Dumbbell Squats

You may have probably heard that the best way to tone your butt is by doing squats. In this exercise, you’ll be doing squats while holding five pound dumbbells in each hand. While doing this exercise, your legs need to be apart at shoulder-width. Now, squat down just like you would do when you’re sitting. But, ensure that your back is straight while going down. You’ll need to hold this position for a few seconds before you start going up. While returning to your original position, make sure to squeeze your glutes.


This is something that ballerinas do all the time. However, it also happens to be an amazing butt-toning exercise as well. This exercise requires you to stand up straight and feet apart at shoulder-width. Your toes need to be pointing outwards. Now, stretch out your arms in front of you. In this position, you need to lower yourself down in a squatting pose. Your back needs to be absolutely straight when you do this. When you come back to your original position, you need to make use of your glutes to bring yourself up. As you start out, you can repeat this for one to two minutes. Once, this starts feeling easy, you can increase the number of minutes.

Entire Body Toning

You can try pilates or yoga that focuses on toning your entire body. They are great for women who don’t wish to get bulky. These exercises also help in developing lean and long muscles. By joining a pilates or a yoga studio, you can start by attending sessions three to five times a week. If you go to a gym regularly, find out what toning classes they conduct. Most gyms have around 20 minute sessions where they focus on toning one part of the body like abs, for instance.

Aerobic Exercises

While not all aerobic exercises are meant for toning your butt, there are certain exercises that you can focus on. In fact, these exercises help in two ways. First, they build your muscles; secondly, they enhance your cardiovascular health.

You can run or walk uphill. The uphill climb makes use of the gravity to serve as resistance, while toning your core, legs and butt. You don’t have to walk outside; you can do it at home also by walking up the stairs. You can also invest in a treadmill or a Stepmaster machine. The treadmill has an incline feature that will be really helpful. An elliptical or a stationary bike used on high resistance also helps in slimming and shaping up your butt as well as your legs.

If you’re looking for long and leaner muscles, then these exercises need to be done on low resistance, but, for a longer period of time. For those looking for bulky muscles, then these exercises need to be done on high resistance, but for a shorter duration.

A Balanced Diet

Exercising will help in toning your butt to a great extent. But, what will make it even better is following a healthy diet. Both need to be done simultaneously for best results. You need to eat a balanced diet and not load up on protein alone. Your diet needs to include whole grains, vegetables, fruits and lean proteins as well like turkey, chicken, tofu, tempeh and fish.

Consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables will give you a feeling of being full for a longer time. So, you’ll automatically start eating less and hence, lose weight. Also, instead of eating white rice and bread, changing to brown rice and brown bread will also help.

Curb the Carbs and Excess Sugars

Excess carbohydrates and sugars are stored as fats in the body if they are not burnt immediately through working out. Even if you tone your butt, it will be covered in extra layers of fat. So, doing away with products that contain excess of carbs and sugars will help you maintain your weight as well help you stay healthy and fit.

Decrease Cellulite

Cellulite is most prevalent in the butt and thigh region. Being active throughout the day will help you in reducing cellulite. Avoiding alcohol and sugar is another way of getting rid of cellulite. By doing resistance training, you can reduce cellulite from your body.

Get Bigger Hips for that Appealing Hourglass Figure

Beautiful celebrities have a major role to play in making women want wider hips. Their hourglass figures have appealed to women all across the globe. In trying to look like their role models, women wish to achieve a more feminine look by sporting a curvy figure. While it’s important to maintain a narrow waist, and a flat tummy, women would like to increase the size of their hips and make them bigger and wider.From exercising, diet, surgeries to creating an illusion of wider hips through clothes, there are a ton of options out there.

Hip Exercises Hip raises

Side leg raises, and squat kicks are some of the exercises that you need to include in your hip-widening regime. Out of all of these, the most effective exercise is side lunges with dumbbells. This is a more advanced version of the traditional lunges and permits more resistance. Due to this, there’s a higher chance of muscle growth and widening of hips.

The side lunges requires you to be standing straight up with your feet at a distance of almost two feet from each other. Point your toes outward slightly. Now, bend your right knee in such a way that you come down in a lunge position. At this time your left leg will be straight.

It’ll function as a pivot. You need to keep going down until your right thigh is parallel to the ground. At this point, you need to use the power of your hip to push you back up and straighten out your right leg. You don’t have to get your feet back together again.

Throughout this exercise, your feet will be at a distance of approximately two feet from each other. Repeat the same exercise on your other foot as well and come back to the original position where both the legs are straight. In fact, this position helps in protecting your knees and enables you to keep the tension on the muscles even better. The resistance is also much heavier.

Now, take dumbbells in each hand. As you lunge on your right leg, your right hand will be on the outside of your right thigh and your left hand will be in between both the legs in front of your body. The hands will swap positions when you lunge on your left side.


Another great way to wider and bigger hips is by doing yoga. Yoga has a lot of poses that are designed to widen your hips. Yoga builds muscle and allows you to become more flexible. As you become lither, you’ll easily be able to do other hip exercises. Some of the yoga poses that have helped women make their hips wider and bigger are the Cow Face, Pigeon, Frog and the Lizard.

Simply Sit

A latest research has shown that by simply sitting put on your butt will eventually widen your hips. The research says that the pressure that forms on the butt and hips because of sitting help generate an extensive fat build-up in those areas and cells tend to respond in such an environment. One researcher further explained that due to sitting for a larger period of time, fat cells get compressed and hence, end up producing more triglycerides and that too at a faster rate. Basically, triglycerides are one of the major forms of fat that is stored in the body.

Hip Enhancement Creams

Multiple hip enhancement creams are available in the market. They work via a variety of methods including repairing the lost elastin and collagen. These creams are also known to raise the rate of generation of muscles around the hips. However, it’d be advisable to shop around and ask anyone who you know about how the cream is and if it works. Of course, the results vary drastically. For your friend it may have worked in a few weeks, while you may not see any significant difference until a few months are done.

Pad it Up

For a fuller and more feminine hip, you don’t really have to make it bigger or wider. You can purchase hip enhancing briefs. These are basically undergarments that come with foam pads. They are removable and help in adding inches to your hips. If you don’t want to purchase the undergarment, you can buy silicone hip pads. You can use adhesive to make them sit properly. Alternatively, you can hold them in place by putting the pads in tights or a pair of pantyhose.

With these additions, you may find it a little difficult to fit into your old jeans. So, a shopping spree may be required.

Alter your Wardrobe

By changing the way you dress and adding clothes to your wardrobe that gives you an illusion of bigger hips, you can achieve your target of wider hips in no time. While dressing, try and make your waist the centre of attraction. So, making use of belts or sashes will draw the attention to your waist. This will make it seem like you have an hourglass figure.

Another thing that you need to remember while buying clothes is that pants in light shades and faded denims will draw attention to your hips. In order to avoid this, select denims that have defined their waistlines. This will accentuate your waist. Another option you have is to buy denims with a straight cut. Try and buy styles that have pockets in the front and smaller back pockets. While buying skirts, ensure that they have multiple layers or may be even ruffles. This will successfully add width to your hips.

Pay Attention to your Posture

To create the infamous S’ shaped figure while you are standing, ensure that your back is straight and your shoulders are dropped and pulled back. Put all your weight on one leg and thrust your hips out.

Consider a Surgery

If you’re willing to spend a lot, then you can also consider getting a surgery done. There are various ways in which your hips can be made bigger. One way is by undergoing liposuction.

What this basically does is removes unwanted fat from various parts of your body and injects it in the hip region. You can also consider hip implants. Slices of silicone are taken and placed appropriately to give you a curvier appearance.

Enhance your Butt with Glutimax Cream!

Ever wondered if there is a cream that naturally works to make your butt big? Look no further, Glutimax is your answer. If you are one of those women, who are scared of painful techniques to make your butt bigger, then this is for you.

Everyone tries to look best in today’s world and some women are even taking extreme measures to accomplish this task. It can be a difficult task, when you think about the consequences and dangers related to some of the things women do.

Big butts have become a trend. Hollywood celebrities like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are famous because of their butts and they flaunt it without any hesitation. This inspires a lot of women out there to enhance their butt.

Let’s take a look at a natural product that actually works!

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What is Glutimax and How does it Work?

Glutimax is a cream, which enhances your butt. It consists of natural ingredients that are safe and beneficial.

If you’re scared of injections and painful surgeries, then this is the product for you. It is made from herbs, which are gentle and safe, hence, not causing any type of irritation or problems to the skin.

It will make your butt rounder and firmer naturally by encouraging growth of new cells and tissues. Glutimax cream works even if you do not follow a proper diet and do not exercise. But a proper diet and exercising will only make the results better.

The butt area will start growing naturally within a few days of usage. It will also make the butt smoother. The cream goes through the top layer of the skin known as epidermis and reaches the second layer called dermis. It repairs all the damaged tissues and cells from inside.

Benefits of Glutimax

Many people who have used Glutimax have reported an increase in the size of their butt by nearly 30%. Another plus point of Glutimax is that you don’t need a prescription to buy it since it is a natural supplement. Apart from giving your butt a natural round shape, it also helps fight fine lines, wrinkles, collagen loss, stretch marks and cellulite.

Save yourself from the painful surgeries and expensive injections, try Glutimax cream. Glutimax results can be seen in a month from using it.

Glutimax Testimonials

Here are some of the things that customers have to say about Glutimax cream.

Caromellady, a verified buyer on Amazon bought this product and loved it from get-go. This is what she had to say,

“I have been using this cream for three years now, although on and off. At first, I did not believe the claims it made.

So, when I used it for the first time, I thought that I am wasting my time, but when I applied it regularly to my bum for six months, I started noticing growth in that area. My friends started noticing it too. I was relaxed and after a while I stopped using it. My bum area size started decreasing; hence, I started using it again. I figured that it worked perfectly for me.”

Another happy customer of Glutimax, Trisha says,

“Unlike some other creams out there, this one smells gorgeous. Glutimax cream has worked wonders. Initially, the change was very small and I had used up two jars already. But my friends definitely noticed the change in me and my butt! In addition to being a butt enhancer, it’s also a self-confidence enhancer!”

JJ assumed that Glutimax cream would work overnight. However, this is untrue for all the creams out there, let alone Glutimax. This is what she said,

“I may have to buy two more jars to see the actual results. However, the cream smells very good and I’m willing to wait two more months and see since there was a slight difference. But if you are looking for instant growth, then this is not for you!”

Advantages and Disadvantages of Glutimax

You will start noticing the change when you use the cream for eight weeks continuously. The Glutimax before and after pictures of yourself will be helpful and can keep a track of the changes in your butt. The recommendation says that you need to apply the cream for a minimum of six months.

Advantages of Using Glutimax

  • Surgeries are not safe, but this is: The only option to get a big butt before this was to undergo a painful surgery, which was very harmful to the health and could have led to early death. This cream does not scar the skin and is natural.
  • Zero side effects: There are no side effects of this cream as it is 100% natural. There are no ingredients in the cream, which may cause harm to the skin.
  • Cost effective: When you compare the cost of the cream to the cost of surgeries and other butt enhancement techniques, Glutimax cream is way cheaper.


  • Needs patience: Remember that it is not a magic cream and will not provide results overnight. It may take a few months before you notice results. Following the instructions will help a lot.
  • Cost: As mentioned earlier, although it is cheaper than surgeries and other techniques, you will have to keep buying until you feel that you’ve achieved what you set out to!

Does Glutimax Really Work?

If you ask the users, then the answer would be a certain yes. Although, you need to remember one thing, which is to have patience, it is not a cream that will show you results in a day.

Also, you need to be careful of similar duplicate products in the market because there is only one such cream, which is the Glutimax cream. So, go ahead and give this cream a try, if you think you have the patience and want to avoid surgery.

Where Can I Buy Glutimax?

You will not find this cream in local stores. It is only sold online and since there are many other duplicate products, the recommended place to buy it from would be its official website.

You can save more money, by purchasing the cream in bulk. Since it will require more than one jar for appropriate results, it makes more sense to buy at least two to three jars-you’ll get the discount plus the results.

In fact, there is an offer on a pack of five jars, in which you will get one jar absolutely free!

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Butt Implants – Is it for You?

Women are becoming more and more conscious about their body and how they look. They want everything to be perfect and are willing to go under the knife for it. Whether they want bigger breasts, a better nose or then a bigger butt, they are willing to spend for any and all the cosmetic procedures.

Something that has caught everyone’s attention is butt implants. Implants are mainly used to reshape and enhance body parts like calves and breasts, but gluteal implants can also be used to enhance the shape of a woman’s behind.

Women who usually want butt implants done are slim and wear dress sizes between two and four. They typically don’t have adequate body fat for another butt enhancement procedure known as fat transfer or fat grafting. Hence, often butt implants are suggested to them. The procedure of implanting silicone in the butt is quite straightforward. It involves only one scar under the butt and once it’s healed, no one will be able to guess that you have had butt implants.

Evaluating your Butt Shape

Usually as a patient, you’ll need to decide how you want the shape of your butt to be-oval or round. Other things that you need to consider are that if you want the filling to be of solid silicone or cohesive silicone. You’ll also need to take a call on the surface of the silicone, whether you want textured or smooth. If you’re not too sure, you can always ask your surgeon for advice.

The next thing for you to decide will be the location of the incision. Of course, this may differ from doctor to doctor and she or he may not give you a chance to decide. But, primarily there are three locations where the incision can be done. The first one is on the top of the upper butt area on both the sides. The second one is on the bottom of the gluteal crease; this is the part where your butt cheek meets the top of the thigh. The third incision can be done vertically. This is usually done down the middle of the sacrum, which is essentially a vertical incision across the butt crease.

Of course, since you’re not the expert, all these decisions can be quite intimidating. But, your doctor should be able to talk to you and help you decide the best way forward.

Butt Implant Options

Butt implant basically enhances the contour, size and shape of the butt. Based on the cosmetic surgeon’s experience and training, the butt implant procedure should be fairly smooth. A surgeon who is able to place the implants by making discreet incisions is a good surgeon. Post the operation and healing process, no one will be able to say that you’ve had a butt implant surgery. You’ll be able to fill out your bathing suit and no one will ever know.

When you visit cosmetic surgeon, she or he should be able to walk you through the various options that are related with the butt implant procedure. Let’s take a look at what you need to consider in detail.

Selection of Implant

The implants available are either oval or round. Just like breast implants, the butt implants also have a smooth or a textured feel to it. While neither the surface nor the shape of the implant will have varying results, what matters more is the selection the silicone. There are two types of silicone available-cohesive silicone gel and solid silicone.

Most doctors prefer the solid silicone. In fact, it’s widely used in the US as cohesive silicone gel is unavailable there. The solid silicone makes for the best option as it will not deflate, rupture or spill. While the kind of implant used usually depends on the surgeon’s preference, you’re free to explore other surgeons if you’re not satisfied with the ones that you’ve met until now.

Location of the Incision

Once the implant has been selected, the next decision that needs to be taken is of the location of the incision. As mentioned above, there are three prominent locations where the incision can be done.

The incision that is done on the top of the upper butt is usually not recommended because the scars will be noticeable when you’re naked. However, it can be hidden under your bikini or undergarment. What’s more is that, this location of the incision will require two incisions.

The incisions that are done in the areas where the butt cheeks meet the thighs will also leave you with two scars. These are also quite visible.

The third location requires only one incision. This incision is done down the middle of the sacrum. It’s usually a tiny four to six centimeter vertical incision. This incision is well-hidden and no one will be able to figure out that you’ve had a butt implant procedure. But, this is also riskier than the others. Riskier, in a sense that, it has a higher chance of infection due to its location being very close to the anus. But, the infection can be generally cured by taking antibiotics
and caring for the wound.

Placement of Butt Implant

Once the location of the incision is determined, the next thing that needs to be decided is where the implants need to be placed. It can be placed either above the muscle or below it. This is something that will be influenced by your surgeon. While there have been great results in both the placements, women with a poor skin tone or a droopy butt may benefit from placing the implant under the muscle. By placing the implant within the muscle, three main advantages can be noted as mentioned below.

  1. When the implant is placed under the muscle, it gets additional support and will not move too far away.
  2. Since it’s under the muscle, the implant gets an additional coverage layer. Hence, it feels more natural and also helps give a better shape.
  3. The extra tissue coverage helps in protecting the implant and prevents getting infected. If the wound were to get infected and the implant is above the muscle, there are more chances of the implant getting affected as well. In such a case, the implant will have to be removed and re-inserted after three months.

Of course, all surgeons have different opinions and different way of working. Hence, it’s essential that you select a surgeon who you’re comfortable with.

Foods that Can Make Your Butt Bigger

Eating healthy and right, coupled with a bit of exercises is the key to getting your butt bigger and in shape. The most important step for bigger butts is to ensure you get enough calories daily. If you reduce the number of calories that you consume on a day-to-day basis, you’ll lose weight, which in turn will make your butt smaller, and not bigger.

While there are a lot of foods out there that can make your butt bigger, however, if not eaten right and in proportion, you can get ‘bigger’ as well. To avoid putting on overall weight, follow a healthy  eating habit to achieve a bigger butt.

Consume Super Proteins

A lot of things have been said about eating more proteins. While proteins is extremely good for your body and is necessary, consuming excess proteins is not. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have said that women require only six ounces of proteins. It’s more than enough to get them through the day.

So, you need to ensure that you don’t go beyond that. Now, super proteins are foods that are comparatively lower in saturated fat, yet, contain a good amount of quality protein. These foods are good because they contain amino acids, which are needed by  the body to build muscles.

The protein content of these foods can be easily used by the body due to the configuration of amino acids. Some of the foods with rich protein content that can make your butt bigger are eggs, tuna, salmon, tilapia, chicken, turkey, legumes/beans, lean red meat and whey.

Consume Super Foods

Foods like green leafy vegetables, broccoli, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, berries, quinoa, and mixed nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are also filled with antioxidants and help your body to synthesize the proteins. When you eat these foods along with foods that contain super proteins, it will enhance your butt drastically.

You need to remember that not all fat is bad, in fact, your body requires some healthy fat.

Consume Complex Carbs

This is another food group that will increase your butt size and make it bigger naturally. Some examples of these foods are whole wheat bread and pastas, lettuce, corn, and brown rice. These foods will ensure that you don’t pile on the pounds, yet, keep you lean. If you’ve been having white bread, substitute it with whole wheat bread. If you love Italian food, it’s about time you make it from whole wheat pastas rather than the regular ones.

Consume Fresh Fruits

When you feel hungry, and feel like snacking on something, why not give your coffee, soda, or chips a miss. Instead, eat fresh fruits like bananas, oranges, plums, pears, and apples. These fruits are a great way to increase the size of your butt. Include these fruits in your diet on a daily basis.

Your Ideal Diet

What you eat at what time of the day also makes a big difference in the way your butt will shape up. Try and follow the diet mentioned below for best results.


For breakfast, one cup of multigrain oatmeal would be ideal. You need to ensure that the oatmeal is non-instant and should be made with water. Once the oatmeal is cooked, adding a teaspoon of coconut oil and half a teaspoon of cinnamon will give it some flavor. For additional flavoring, you can add, raspberries, strawberries or blueberries. Don’t add maple, sugar or honey.


You can substitute your daily lunch with a turkey sandwich. Ensure the bread is made of whole wheat and the turkey is low-sodium. You can season your sandwich with Swiss cheese and fresh spinach or arugula.


For dinner, you can have about five ounces of chicken breast that is grilled and boneless. Team it with one cup of steamed broccoli and about half cup of whole grain brown rice.


In-betweens are foods or fluids that you eat or drink when you’re not having breakfast, lunch or dinner. Have a lot of water, a handful of nuts like almonds, pistachios, walnuts, or fresh fruits, like an apple. Avoid juices, coffee and teas. However, you can substitute your regular tea with Green, White or Oolong.

Post Workout

While eating right is important, so is exercising, but, what about post-exercise? After exercising, you need to enhance your muscle recovery. Having a good quality protein shake is ideal. Biochem 100% Whey Protein is an all natural brand. It’s made up of ultra-filtered whey protein isolate. It’s one of the finest quality and the whey protein isolate that it contains can be easily assimilated. This is known to work best after a workout.

Foods You Need to Avoid

In your goal of getting a bigger derriere, in addition to eating the foods that can make your butt bigger, you need to avoid certain foods that can be unhealthy and not the right choice.

  • You need to reduce your intake of bad fats.
  • Completely avoid fried foods, grilled is a better option.
  • Don’t consume sauces and dressings that have high oil content.
  • Avoid eating meat with skin. Always remove the skin and then cook the meat.
  • Avoid white sugar as much as possible.

Some Sound Advice

You can diet all you want and eat a well-balanced meal every day, however, if it’s not accompanied with the right amount of exercises, following a diet will be of no use. You need to know that only eating or only exercising is not the right way to get a bigger butt. Only a healthy combination of both will make your dream of having a bigger butt one day come true.

Also, there are no shortcuts, the safest and the healthiest way to get bigger butt is by putting in some time and effort, and not cheating on your every day diet and exercises. The more you don’t do it right, the further away you will be from your goal of bigger butt.

Genes and hormones play a major role in the way you’re built, some are round-bottomed naturally, and all they have to do is maintain it, while others are flatter, and need to work harder. So, don’t beat yourself up over it. While eating and exercising will help, you need to ensure that you don’t overdo anything.

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